Hat Tip: Friday October 11

Hat Tip: Friday October 11

It’s time for another round of weird and wonderful discoveries from the online world, with no less than telekinesis and mindreading amongst this week’s selection.

Carefully picked by Hard Hat Digital, this Friday’s findings kick off with 3D printing – but producing an entire room.

Imagine if you could make someone hear something, just by touching their ear. It’s just a little bit mind blowing.

Take a look inside Amazon’s insane warehousing system.

And check out the results of some high speed photography, recreating ‘40s pin-up posters with…. milk.

If you’re looking for a lead for your next action movie, this handy flow chart could help.

Here, the smoke detector has been reinvented to be less annoying, finally.

The Breaking Bad characters have been recreated as Simpsons characters.

Do you reckon you can read how other people are feeling? Take this test to see if you can read others’ emotions.

Finally, this telekinesis viral video has been watched more than 27 million times: 

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