Hat Tip: Beards, beans and booze

Hat Tip: Beards, beans and booze

Your weekly dose of amazing things from the internet, handpicked by the team at Hardhat. 

Here's what caught our attention this week:

Watch: Two time world beard champion Jack Passion discusses living in the shadow of his own beard, the emotionally taxing lifestyle of a ‘beardman’.

The world’s most loathed font, reimagined: Comic Sans Neue.

Infographic: How each country likes their coffee.

Quit your job, open another cafe in Melbourne: A guide to cooking eggs every possible way.

Infographic: The wonderful world of whisky.

The $200 Micro-3D Printer that’s raised $2m in 2 days.

Watch: Children teach us how to spend money without feeling guilty.

The history of the Slurpee: From 2 litres of accidentally frozen bottled soda, to 27,595,652 litres every year.

The depth of the problem visualised: How far down the ocean did the blackbox of MH370 go.

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