The Harsh Truth of Inbound Marketing

The Harsh Truth of Inbound Marketing

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Marketing in an online word is tricky. Money doesn't necessarily get you social media recognition and the amount of likes may not make you money. Take notice of these harsh truths from Marketing Profs' Clayton Wood to not be disappointed if it doesn't all go to plan.


In 2005, Brian Halligan coined a new term that more accurately described the process for the online world: “inbound marketing.”

That brand of marketing is prevalent in social media, SEO, blogs, and podcasts to make themselves known to potential customers.

Inbound marketing is the future of company-customer interaction, as old models lose their luster to an audience that find intrusive tactics as off-putting. This new method isn’t a walk in the park, though, it severely complicates the buy-and-sell system to a degree that frightens many business owners.

Suddenly, good products, quality service, and a can-do attitude weren’t enough anymore, blogs and SEO techniques became essential, staying up to date with what’s happening in the world became a priority.

Most of the time, companies just hire online marketing companies to do all that work for them. That allows the owner to not think about the online world, and focus on the company. That comes with a risk: if an owner just hires someone to do a job they know nothing about, then there’s a good chance they’re not on the same page.

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