Gumtree Expands Advertising Offering With Launch Of Media Advertising Tool  

Gumtree Expands Advertising Offering With Launch Of Media Advertising Tool  

Gumtree has launched its first self-service media advertising tool designed to accelerate and simplify the ad creation process for advertisers.

The new offering, which aims to make advertising on Gumtree accessible to small businesses and marketers with smaller budgets, enables its users to create campaigns in just three steps via an easy-to-use platform.

They can manage every stage of the process themselves and have 30-day campaigns up-and-running within 48 hours.

Gumtree director, commercial business, Laura Hill commented: “We are constantly looking to optimise our advertising offerings which is why we have decided to add a self-service option.

“In addition to making the process easier and more efficient, the self-serve tool is designed to make advertising on Gumtree available to individuals and companies who are working with smaller budgets, with packages starting from just $250 AUD.”

She added: “Businesses can use the tool to better connect with local customers, through categories and location targeting, strengthening the platform as Australia’s number one community marketplace.”

The self-service tool has been introduced as an addition to Gumtree’s existing advertising offerings and aims to make advertising on the platform more accessible to small and medium businesses offering them flexibility and control.

It is managed by third party provider GSI and gives its users the opportunity to tailor ads to specific categories and locations, ensuring that campaigns reach their specific target audiences within Gumtree’s pool of seven million monthly users across Australia.

How it works: 

Advertisers can launch a 30-day campaign by uploading their ads in three easy steps.

By using the self-service option, advertisers can manage their campaign via a simple and easy-to-use dashboard which allows them to create small-budget campaigns quickly and easily.

·         Step 1: Setting a budget and targeting

Users can target their ads to specific geographic locations, such as states (e.g. South Australia) and regions (e.g. “Sydney region” or “South Coast region”); as well as to individual Gumtree categories (e.g. “pets’ or “jobs’). Campaigns start from as low as $250 AUD and range to up to $3,000 AUD.

·         Step 2: Uploading creatives

Users can upload their own creatives, allowing them to have full ownership of their brand.

·         Step 3: Campaigns go live within 3 days

All ads get approved and go live within 72 hours, ensuring a speedy execution.



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