Guinness’ Fake Corona Ad Proves Global Smash

Guinness’ Fake Corona Ad Proves Global Smash

Irish brewer Guinness has unveiled a timely “stay at home” ad, the problem was it didn’t even know it did it.

The ad, that features a couch instead of the stout’s famed frothy head, was created by an Irish freelance copywriter named Luke O’Reilly who created it through boredom while quarantined at home with his parents.

As clever as it is, it soon went viral and the Diageo-owned Guinness quickly started taking credit for it sans any mention of Reilly’s impressive efforts. Thankfully, that appears to have changed since the media picked up the story.

Reilly telling Adweek: “My mother was going crazy: ‘You need to get the credit for this!’ As I said to her, as long as the message was getting reinforced, I was happy. It didn’t get to me as much as I thought it might. Maybe I knew in my heart people would find out I did it anyway.”

It reminds B&T of another classic booze ad that was done by students and had nothing to do with the brand itself.

In 2016, two German student filmmakers from Stuttgart’s Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg made a spot for Johnnie Walker apparently without the brand’s consent.

Called “Dear brother”, it went global and was so good Johnnie Walker happily adopted it as its own. Plus, it’s also one of the biggest tearjerkers you’ll ever see. Check it out with tissues (if you have any) below:







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