Greenpeace Targets Burger King Claiming It’s “Flame Grilling The Amazon”

Greenpeace Targets Burger King Claiming It’s “Flame Grilling The Amazon”

Greenpeace activists have unfurled giant banners at Burger King’s biggest London outlet to protest the recent Amazon fires and deforestation that it claims are linked to the burger chain’s suppliers.

The environmental group says Burger King is sourcing meat and animal feed such as soy or soya from companies linked to destruction of the rainforest and savanna known as the Cerrado in Brazil. It’s a claim the fast-food chain rejects.

Yesterday, activists unfurled banners over Burger King’s Leicester Square store that read “Burger King flame grilling the Amazon” and “Fast food fries forests”.

But Burger King UK said all its beef came from UK and Irish farmers and it had a policy on responsible soy sourcing.

A spokesperson for the burger giant said in a statement: “We invited Greenpeace to engage in a discussion with us last Wednesday, September 18, but we are still yet to receive a response from their team – we would welcome a discussion with them on this important topic. Burger King UK only source 100 per cent British and Irish beef.”

Greenpeace’s head of forests Richard George said: “The Amazon is still burning, yet Burger King keeps buying meat and animal feed from the companies responsible for the crisis. Their burgers are flame-grilling the Amazon.

“Growing demand for meat from fast food giants like Burger King is leading to vast areas of Brazilian forests being destroyed for cattle ranches and animal feed.

“Burger King must stop buying meat and soya from Brazil until the Amazon and its people are protected.”


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