Your Turkey’s Destroying The Planet Says Bleak Greenpeace Christmas Ad

Your Turkey’s Destroying The Planet Says Bleak Greenpeace Christmas Ad

Your Christmas roast is destroying rainforests and the planet claims a rather dour festive spot from environmental group Greenpeace.

The ad, out of the UK, sees a turkey fight with a potato in a comedy club over the merits each item bring’s to your roast lunch come the 25th of December.

But the spot has an all the more sinister narrative when the potato reveals the destruction that’s being done to the world’s rainforests in growing feed to fatten Christmas turkeys.

The spots the work of London agency Nice and Serious and was written by copywriter Jack Barry who also pulls on the turkey costume for the spot. Check it out below:

Commenting on the work, Greenpeace UK’s Chiara Vitali said: “In our film, turkey is well and truly roasted. But let’s be clear, this isn’t all his fault. He’s not even that old – six months tops – so he doesn’t know any better.

“But the factory farms fattening turkeys for Christmas will know the feed they use is linked to forest destruction. Supermarkets do, too. Did you really want your roast with all those forest trimmings?

“We can all make a choice to eat less meat. The world’s top scientists say it’s vital to prevent climate breakdown. But supermarkets like Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s, who’ve all pledged to remove deforestation from their supply chains, bear a significant weight of responsibility. This isn’t about switching from one type of feed to another. They need to listen to the science and replace most of the meat they’re selling with plant based alternatives, and they need to do it fast.”

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