Global Register For Female Advertising Talent ‘Ad Women’ Pre-Launches

Global Register For Female Advertising Talent ‘Ad Women’ Pre-Launches

Ad Women, a global register of female talent within the advertising industry, has pre-launched and is now open for registrations.

The worldwide registry is the brainchild of Swedish creatives Lina Franzon and Johanna Johansson.

Working in the advertising industry, Franzon and Johansson quickly realised employers often hired men instead of women, despite the fact women are greatly underrepresented in the industry.

When challenging why men were often the hire of choice, the founders of the platform were always met with the same response: there are no female creatives to hire.

The advertising duo decided they wanted to prove there are plenty of female creatives in the industry, so they launched the site, a simple search engine aimed at helping employers find female talent.

As the number of women in the register grew, so did the questions regarding a global equivalent.

The following year, they launched a Kickstarter campaign with the purpose of funding the development of the site.

Today, they have opened the register for women across the globe working in the advertising industry to join.

Johansson said: “We are so happy to finally have the site up and running and excited to fill it with female talent”.

Franzon added: “We’ll spend every spare minute during the upcoming month spreading the word to the women in our industry, encouraging them to join.

“Imagine if we had thousands when actually launching. No one will ever again be able to say they weren’t able to find female candidates when hiring”.

As of today, females and those who identify as non-binary can sign up to be a part of the register and create a profile, however, the search engine is not yet available, which will be the main function.

The full launch of the website with all its functions will take place in early March this year.

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