Gen Z Set To Take More “Fluid” Approach To Dating: Tinder Report As Matching Rates Grow 42%

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A new report from dating app Tinder has revealed the future of dating is “fluid”, with honesty, authenticity and transparency all coming to the fore.

In particular, the research looks at how the COVID-19 pandemic and related lockdowns has impacted how Gen Z (more than half of Tinder’s members are aged between 18 and 25) goes about dating.

“Gen Z is breaking completely free of traditional dating strongholds and taboos. Dating is no longer about the slow courtship or finding ‘the one’ to grow old with, instead it’s become wonderfully fluid in the way we approach dating expectations,” Tinder said.

The report lists the top trends that will define the future of dating, with daters expected to be more honest and authentic. This was seen by users embracing their vulnerabilities – mentions of ‘anxiety’ grew 31 per cent, while ‘normalise’ increase 15x.

Research also suggests Tinder users are using their platform to be more transparent about their expectations and more people will be willing to ‘see where things go’ and move towards open-ended relationships.

Digital dating

With COVID forcing many of us to stay home, the way in which people used the Tinder app changed significantly.

“As in-person contact became risky, daters turned to virtual experiences for human connection. And while it may have started out of necessity, the digital date is here to stay,” Tinder said.

According to the data, 40 per cent of Gen Z daters expect to continue digital dating.

There was also far more focus on messaging via the app, with 19 per cent more messages sent in February 2021 than during the corresponding month last year and conversations lasting 32 per cent longer.

And while many considered 2020 to be a tough one in terms of dating, there were 42 per cent more matches per Tinder member.

This was largely a result of more activity on the platform. On March 29 2020, Tinder’s Swipe activity broke 3 billion in a single day for the first time. This level of activity was then achieved a total of 130 times in the year.

For some, using Tinder offered relief from feelings of loneliness that came with the pandemic. Data from Ypulse revealed 43 er cent of dating app users made them feel less lonely in 2020.

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