Gen Z Abandoning “Life Blueprint” Focused On Money & Career To Hang Out With Friends

Gen Z Abandoning “Life Blueprint” Focused On Money & Career To Hang Out With Friends

Gen Z has apparently jettisoned the “life blueprint” set by preceding generations with a focus on living in the moment, being happy and bonding with friends, according to a new survey.

Collating responses from more than 2,680 Gen Z’ers across Australia and New Zealand, the study conducted by Secret Sounds Connect, the commercial rights, experiential and creative agency, part of the Live Nation Entertainment group of businesses, revealed that Zoomers are valuing the more intangible measures of happiness and success above growing in their career (29 per cent), getting married (13 per cent) having kids (33 per cent) or buying a house (26 per cent).

The ‘Love Song’ study found that music continues to be their leading passion, with 89 per cent saying music is integral to who they are. 70 per cent of Gen Z attend a live music event at least once a month, with Live Nation reporting a 79 per cent increase in ticket sales in 2023 across Australia and New Zealand. Second to friends, music artists are the most trusted among Gen Z (79 per cent).

With over half of Gen Z not surprised if the world ended within their lifetime, they are well and truly living for today, with 81 per cent saying that “I try to have as much fun now and let the future look after itself” (compared to 74 per cent in 2023). Splurges and spending on “little treats” has become a significant trend, with 94 per cent prioritising things that bring them joy. 90 per cent prefer to spend money on experiences over possessions, with 66 per cent saving for an experience or travel over long-term assets such as a house or car.

Kristy Rosser, founder of Secret Sounds Connect and senior vice president, marketing solutions and client services at Live Nation ANZ, said: “Our annual ‘Love Song’ study provides valuable insights into Gen Z, the world’s largest generation, which is continually being shaped by global events and the economy. There has been a marked shift in priorities when comparing Gen Z to previous generations. ‘Love Song’ helps brands stay up to date with trends, and to understand and connect with Gen Z culture, values and passions.”

Additional insights from ‘Love Song’ include:

  • 83 per cent want to experience real over digital life, with 87 per cent seeking out real-world connections now more than ever before.
  • Niche is the new norm. 82 per cent claim that “being weird” is in, and 58 per cent say the more absurd something is, the cooler it becomes.
  • “Rizz” – Oxford’s word of 2023 – represents Gen Z’s desire for individual expression, with 87 per cent of Gen Z preferring to be seen as “authentic” rather than “cool.”
  • 62 per cent want to stand out rather than blend in, with 95 per cent saying dopamine dressing is IN for 2024, along with country music – over a quarter of Gen Z listen to the genre on a regular basis.
  • As social media platforms have moved further towards entertainment and commerce, 78 per cent said they prefer to share life updates in private chats over public posts.
  • TikTok creators are looked upon more favourably than Instagram influencers with trust levels at 36 per cent vs. 26 per cent. The majority of Gen Z prefer raw, imperfect content over a polished lifestyle.

Frances Deighton, strategy lead for partnerships at Live Nation and Secret Sounds Connect said: “We’re committed to helping our partners stay at the forefront of what youth audiences value so they can place their brands at the heart of the cultural moment. The world and consumer tastes change so quickly and brands need to continue being dynamic and adaptable when it comes to reaching Gen Z audiences.”

Part of the Live Nation Entertainment group of businesses, Secret Sounds Connect is a market-leading commercial rights, experiential and creative services agency, responsible for developing and executing brand campaigns in music and entertainment. The team integrates brands into unforgettable moments for music lovers, representing live events such as Splendour in the Grass, now in its 22nd year, and Spilt Milk, the largest single-day music festival, produced by Kicks Entertainment.

Secret Sounds Connect partnered with Pollinate to conduct the research. Pollinate is a strategic research consultancy and part of The Influence Group.

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