Gadzooks! It’s the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument

Gadzooks! It’s the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument

Ever wanted to know a little more about what makes you tick? Or delve into those recesses of your mind and work out what kind of preferences you gravitate towards? Well, the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HDBI) can help do just that.

In short, the HBDI profile illustrates and explains the way individuals prefer to think, learn, communicate and make decisions. The results are gained by completing a 120-question online test, which involves choosing between adjective pairs to establish preferences.

The results determine where individuals fall into four quadrants. These quadrants each comprise distinct traits:

  • The Upper Left Quadrant – logical, analytical, mathematical, technical and problem-solving. People dominant in this quadrant prefer a cognitive and rational approach, seeking conclusions that are backed by supporting data or by example of precedent.
  • The Lower Left Quadrant – controlled, detailed, planning, organisational and administrative. People dominant in this quadrant prefer structure in a practical and procedural sense. They likely have a natural inclination towards organisation, reliability, efficiency, order, and discipline.
  • The Upper Right Quadrant – creative, synthesising, artistic, holistic, conceptual. People dominant in this quadrant are likely to handle several mental inputs simultaneously, make rapid connections and feel comfortable with abstract concepts.
  • The Lower Right Quadrant – interpersonal, emotional, musical, spiritual, expressive. People dominant in this quadrant are likely to be naturally in tune with and sensitive to others’ needs, mood, attitude, atmosphere or energy levels.

From the results, individuals can determine which category (or categories) they are dominant in. This in turn can help point to the style and professions they are best suited to. Finding hidden or unrecognised strengths or interests can in turn help employers to unlock potential in their employees. One thing’s for sure, the results are guaranteed to be enlightening and illuminating.

For more information on the HBDI, click here.

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