What Does The Future Of Video In 2018 Look Like?

What Does The Future Of Video In 2018 Look Like?

It’s the second day of ad:tech 2018, and while B&T is looking forward to the long lunch a whole bunch, the pioneers stream was calling our name – and more specifically, “The ever-changing world of video in 2018”.

This talk is being given by Andrew Cowling, growth director of video creation platform 90 Seconds. He started by challenging the perception that nothing can be achieved in 90 seconds.

“One minute and 30 seconds is plenty of time to reach consumers and engage [with them] using the power of videos,” he said.

63 per cent of all marketers want more leads and more traffic to their website – which can be achieved better through the use of video.

“Over 74 per cent of web traffic is attributed to the consumption of video,” Cowling said.

“[But] one of the greatest challenges that marketers face in 2018 is proving our ROI, and particularly our ROI around video,” he added.

Because of this (despite the fact that over 50 per cent of viewers want more video) only 27 per cent of marketers are using video – even though it’s one of the most measurable marketing strategies.

Brands can measure how many people are viewing their videos, for how long. They can also see when people stop watching, as well as what they are watching and sharing.

But Cowling said agencies tend to charge more for video content, making it more expensive – and sometimes more of a risk – to put on the web. Enter “the gig economy” – a sharing-style economy with short term contracts; think Uber, Airtasker or Airbnb.

Cowling said that the gig economy “has allowed brands to regain ownership over their content, while leveraging platforms like 90 Seconds.”

This can greatly reduce the cost of video content for brands – and 93 per cent of marketers said they would create more video content if their time and money weren’t at stake.

“Because of all these complications, video gets pushed to the side,” Cowling reiterated.

And he said 90 Seconds is the (or one answer, at least) to all these problems surrounding video and marketers.

Currently the company has 12,000 creators and nine offices across the world, and Cowling said they will continue to invest in their technology and their creators – all for the benefit of brands.

“[90 Seconds offers] more cost-effective solutions for brands and creates greater transparency. Our aim is to build a truly global community of the very best creative talent – finally giving brands the power to create [amazing] content.”


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