FreeTV Welcomes Online Piracy Search

FreeTV Welcomes Online Piracy Search

Free TV Australia welcomes the Federal Government’s release today of research into Online Copyright Infringement in Australia and the UK.

The research highlights that copyright infringement is a significant issue for all content publishers. In Australia, 43 per cent of online consumers surveyed said they have consumed at least some illegal content (TV shows, movies, video games, ebooks or software) and 33 per cent of TV content consumers have accessed TV shows illegally, compared to only 21 per cent in the UK.

The research underscores the importance of the recent initiatives to fight online piracy in Australia, including the introduction of legislation that allows content owners to apply for court orders to block overseas hosted websites that facilitate online copyright infringement; and the development of the Copyright Notice Scheme Code of Practice.

The UK has had similar measures in place for some years and these survey results support existing evidence that a multi-pronged approach to combating piracy works.

Consumer education is also an important anti-piracy measure and is a key aspect of the Code of Practice that is being developed.

Free TV members put significant time and resources into making their products and services available legitimately to viewers for free. Free TV members invest significantly in Australian content – $1.54 billion in 2013-14 – and in a range of new and innovative delivery platforms to meet consumer demand.

Online piracy undermines this content investment, content industry business models, employment and innovation.

Free TV will continue to work with Government and industry to implement measures to reduce piracy and its detrimental effects on content owners.

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