Foxtel In Consumer Warpath Over Airing Anti Same-Sex Marriage Ads

Foxtel In Consumer Warpath Over Airing Anti Same-Sex Marriage Ads

Foxtel is facing a number of woes on its Facebook page with many consumers voicing their disdain for the subscription company airing anti same-sex marriage ads.

The ads were created by organisation Marriage Alliance and pose questions around whether people really know what’s happening with same-sex couples.

Foxtel subscribers have taken to Facebook to voice their opinion on the airing of the ads.

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However, not all users found the ads to be in poor taste, as some regaled Foxtel for allowing free speech.

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A Foxtel spokesperson reportedly told The Guardian they were aware the ads could distress some viewers.

“We believe this debate should be won by the force of the argument in favour of reform, not by refusing to engage in debate or allow contrary opinion to be put,” the spokesperson told The Guardian.

The ads caused hype over the weekend as news came to light they weren’t showing on networks Seven and Ten.

While a Sydney Morning Herald article suggested the ads had been rejected by the networks, Seven insisted it was due to the network not having enough space to accommodate the booking.

A seven spokesperson told B&T on Monday: “We could not accommodate their booking request. We didn’t ‘reject’ their commercial.”

Comedian Wil Anderson also weighed in on the controversy, branding the ads “crazy”, on 2DayFM breakfast show Dan & Maz.

B&T had contacted Marriage Alliance on Monday but has not heard back.

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