Forget Gym Selfies, Now You Can Share Workout Emojis While Pretending To Run On The Treadmill

Forget Gym Selfies, Now You Can Share Workout Emojis While Pretending To Run On The Treadmill

AT B&T, we can’t get enough of emojis, and in fact prefer them to using our words to communicate.

And while we’re understanding that not everyone is as on board with the trend as us, when an emoji is awarded Oxford English Dictionary’s ‘Word of the Year’ in 2015, it’s time to get around it.

So in the latest emoji news, Virgin Active has gone and released its own line of emojis that help people show off their gymming abilities in a series of tiny cartoon-like pictures.

With everyone geeing up to kickstart the New Year in a healthy manner, Virgin Active’s emojivation pack ensures gym-goers can go one step further than just posting a gym selfie, and express their workout progress in the digital world.


The new line of emojis includes:

  • Fitness fans working up a sweat cycling indoors
  • A blissed out yoga fan in a tree pose
  • Workout Moves – including everyone’s favourites: squats, planks, lunges and burpees
  • Various gym equipment – including boxing gloves, rowing machines and weights
  • Post gym relaxation in a Jacuzzi
  • Various challenges and achievements – including taking to the slopes or celebrating climbing a mountain

Virgin Active Emojivation Pack

The 35 brand new emojis also include different classes that Virgin Active offers at their health clubs nationwide including HIIT classes, The GRID, the barre fitness class.

“Health and fitness is one of the most talked about and shared topics on social media with celebs and athletes hash tagging their workouts like never before,” Virgin Active head of brand and marketing Anton Brown said.

“We saw a gap in the emoji market when it comes to being able to talk about what they’ve been up to on the gym floor or in their favourite classes. We know how motivated fitness fans get by their workouts and how emotional they feel when they achieve a new fitness goal, yet there is only a handful of emojis that represented a workout.

“Our new range of fitness emojis are more reflective of their true workout experience. Whatever their activity or fitness challenge, there is now a workout emoji for that.”

Swyft Media VP and GM Evan Wray added, “Increasingly, consumers are demanding custom emojis that enable them to express their personal brand and interests – fitness being one of them.

“We were delighted when we were approached by Virgin Active to create just this as a way of encouraging people to share their healthy lifestyles in a fun and engaging way.”

iPhone and Android users can download the Virgin Active fitness emoji app from today, available on the App Store and Google Play store.

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