It’s The Female-Free List Of The Top 10 Paid Sports People Under 25 On The Planet!

It’s The Female-Free List Of The Top 10 Paid Sports People Under 25 On The Planet!

Not a single female has managed to make this year’s Forbes list of the top 10 paid sportspeople in the planet under the age of 25, with footballing wunderkind Neymar (in main photo) topping this year’s list.

The 25 year old Brazilian superstar, who plays for Barcelona, is the highest paid sports person on the planet pulling in $US37 million ($A48.1 million) a year between June 2016 and June 2017.

As you’d expect, the list was full of the typical well-paid sports with US basketball taking five of the top 10 spots.

According to the Forbes list, this was this year’s top 10 under 25. All figures in US dollars.


a.espncdnWho: Neymar, Age: 25, Sport: Soccer, Club: Barcelona, Worth: $37 million


Image result for Jordan Spieth

Who: Jordan Speith, Age: 23, Sport: Golf, Worth: $34.5 million


Image result for kyrie irvingWho: Kyrie Irving, Age: 25, Sport: Basketball, Club: Cleveland Cavaliers, Worth: $29.9 million


Image result for Anthony David New OrleansWho: Anthony David, Age: 24, Sport: Basketball, Club: New Orleans Pelicans, Worth: $28.1 million

FIVE:Image result for Harrison Barnes

Who: Harrison Barnes, Age: 25, Sport: Basketball, Club: Dallas Mavericks, Worth: $23.9 million


Image result for Bradley Beal

Who: Bradley Beal, Age: 24, Sport: Basketball, Club: Washington Wizards, Worth: $23.2 million

SEVEN:Image result for Andre Drummond

Who: Andre Drummond, Age: 23, Sport: Basketball, Club: Detroit Pistons, Worth: $22.1 million


Image result for James Rodriguez

Who: James Rodriguez, Age: 25, Sport: Soccer, Club: Real Madrid, Worth: 21.9 million

NINE:Image result for Paul Pogba

Who: Paul Pogba, Age: 22, Sport: Soccer, Club: Manchester United, Worth: $21.2 million

TEN:Image result for Myles Garrett

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