Feeling Ripped Off? Vent Your Spleen In B&T’s Great Adland Salary Survey!

Feeling Ripped Off? Vent Your Spleen In B&T’s Great Adland Salary Survey!

Nothing appears to get Adland stirred-up like the current debate on whether Channel 7’s Cats Make You Laugh is, in fact, funnier than last night’s Dogs version. Oh, that and are your stingy bosses ripping you off salary-wise.

When it comes to salaries, it’s the one thing we all have an opinion on. Are you forced to eat two-minute noodles a week out from pay-day or is your monthly cheque so hefty you spend more time down the Ferrari dealership than you do in the office?

Well, B&T wants to know exactly how you feel about the industry and the pay packet you receive. Yes, it’s B&T’s great Adland salary survey and we want to know your views – which we’re certain are plenty!

The survey will be live for a week and all the results will be published online in upcoming articles. And rest assured your absolute anonymity is guaranteed (we promise not to ‘out’ you if you’re the one down the Ferrari dealership!) That said, we want you to be truthful as you possibly can.

And, of course, salaries point to a whole raft of industry issues, too – talent shortages, stingy clients, staff leaving in droves. Even the great ‘are men paid more than women?’ debate is covered here.

So again, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Simply click on the links below and take the 21 question survey. It should be five minutes of your time and again B&T guarantees it’s all anonymous.

If you’re on mobile and can’t see the survey below, click here.

Otherwise, have your say!

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