Facebook Makes 62% of Its Ad Money From Mobile

Facebook Makes 62% of Its Ad Money From Mobile

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Mobile advertising is on the rise and the latest results from Facebook show the social media platform is jumping onto this opportunity.


One day, if it wanted to, Facebook could shut down its desktop site and become a mobile-only company.

The majority of the social network’s advertising revenue – 62% of the $2.68 billion Facebook made from advertising in the second quarter, according to results it released on Wednesday – already comes from mobile.

And an ever larger percentage of its daily and monthly active users check out Facebook on their tablets or smartphones. At this point 30% of its monthly users only check out Facebook on their tablets or smartphones.

Two years after Wall Street batted down Facebook’s initial public offering for the company’s perceived mobile weakness – and two years after Facebook debuted its first mobile ads and adopted a mobile-first strategy – Facebook has become largely a mobile company.

Two of the social network’s largest acquisitions, Instagram and WhatsApp, are mobile apps. And a third, Oculus, makes a virtual reality headset that observers point to as Facebook’s wearables play – wearable devices being considered the next generation of mobile devices.

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