Are They On Drugs? Calls For Schapelle Corby To Be Ten’s Next Bachelorette!

Are They On Drugs? Calls For Schapelle Corby To Be Ten’s Next Bachelorette!

Yes, Schapelle Corby’s only back in the country two days and B&T’s already broken our vow not to run stories on her.

But rumours the convicted Bali drug felon could be catapulted into the hot seat of Ten’s The Bachelorette are simply too juicy to ignore.

Apparently, the 2017 season, with Sophie Monk as lead bachelorette, has been wrapped-up and social media users are now taking to Twitter to get the 39-year-old Schapelle on the 2018 series of the show.

Already there’s a hashtag #bachelorette starring #Schapelle and many have enthused the concept would be a ratings smash for Ten. After all, she’ll probably want to sell her story to media anyway, so why not find love along the way?

Admittedly, much of the source of the rumours have come from The Daily Mail, so we’ll let you take it how you will.


Schapelle had found love during her three-year parole period in Bali to local man Ben Panangian who she’d met in prison while he was also doing time on drug charges. Sadly, Schapelle is now banned from returning to Bali, while, due to his convictions, Panangian is banned from entering Australia.

Whether Schapelle’s next career move is reality TV is yet to be seen, but is believed she’s come back to Australia with a cunning plan to exploit her story in the media.

Her bizarre arrival at Brisbane airport on Sunday and attempt to evade media had many suggesting she’d already signed a lucrative media deal to tell her story, with rumours circulating Channel Seven had opened the cheque book.

Schapelle’s also beginning to amass a huge following on social media, her Instagram account snaring 170,000 followers since her return to Australia.

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