Do Dogs Love Us Or Actually Want To Eat Us When We’re Dead?

Do Dogs Love Us Or Actually Want To Eat Us When We’re Dead?

Have you ever wondered if your canine pal adores you as much as you pretend or, in reality, is that fresh stool he delivers to your lawn each morning a simmering ‘fuck you’ of hatred and resentment as he waits for the human race to falter and be overthrown by doggie overlords?

Well, if you have ever wondered that then SBS’s Insight program is what you need to be watching next Tuesday at 8.30pm. Ditching its typical journalistic mantra of Islam, Muslims and terrorism, next Tuesday the program will explore the big issue of wether or not your dog loves you?
No, really, that is the topic and not yet another excuse for tight-fisted right-wingers to moan the public broadcaster is wasting taxpayers’ money.

Host Jenny Brockie will be bringing her furry friend into the studio. Yes, she’ll be wearing pants, we actually meant her dog. Brockie will be asking the big questions – do our dogs love us? Or do they secretly hate our guts? Are they intelligent beasts? And if they are, why do the lick their own balls and eat other dog’s excrement?

Or what B&T wants to know, why do dogs hate postmen so much and why do motorbikes send them freakin’ crazy?

Interestingly too, the program will explore the idea that dogs really just mirror their owner’s personality and could, in fact, be manipulating us all.

Next Tuesday’s show will feature a raft of dogs and doggie commentators including breeders, vets and animal psychologists.

Animal behaviourist, Bradley Smith, will appear on the program and said: “Dogs are good human manipulators, they basically have nothing else better to do all day than observe our behaviours.”

So if you’ve always wanted to see Jenny Brockie go doggy-style on Insight, then SBS next Tuesday at 8.30 is the place for you.




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