“Disgusting, Dog Behaviour!” Sandilands Accuses Rivals Of Lying To Agencies

“Disgusting, Dog Behaviour!” Sandilands Accuses Rivals Of Lying To Agencies

Kyle Sandilands has delivered another of his scathing on-air attacks, this time accusing his rivals of lying to media agencies to win business.

Sandilands was celebrating another win in yesterday’s radio ratings (check out B&T’s full report here) when he launched into the extraordinary attack on rivals Nova and SCA’s 2DayFM.

Never to shy away from controversy, Sandilands accused the rival networks of being obsessed with him over their own programs and claimed they’d denigrated his KIIS show to media bosses in an attempt to sway business their way.

“This was something I heard the other day and I was shocked and annoyed,” Sandilands began.

“I was told that the people over at 2DayFM and the people over at Nova are running around to the advertising agencies, playing them things we are saying that are naughty or a bit rude, and trying to say ‘do you really want your advertising with these people?’

“What dogs! Disgusting, dog behaviour,” he raged.

“You are so lame with your own shit radio show that you can’t sell what you’ve got, ‘cos you’ve got shit.

“You have to go and bastardise us to advertising agencies to try and get a leg up… You’re desperate losers.

“You know why people advertise here [KIIS]? This is going to shock the other networks, but this is where all the people are, listening. I know that’s a new concept to the other stations because you have hardly any listeners and that means your program’s no good and your announcers are below the quality of what people want,” Sandilands wailed.

He then accused his rivals of going into media agencies and “playing cassettes” of controversial segments of the Kyle & Jackie O show to try and sway advertising decisions.

Sandilands concluded: “You won’t win, because that’s what desperate losers do. You’re desperate, you’re sad, you’re losers. It’s as simple as that.”

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