Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

21st Century Smoke Machine

Heineken love to be the centre of the party. They’ve designed cubs and bottles that glow and pulse with the music, and now that have developed a new tool to help a DJ’s create a very unique atmosphere.  Working with a perfume expert and an ambassador DJ they came up with Scenthesizer an advanced smoke machine that emits custom scents into the crowd and which are aligned to the music and controlled by the DJ.


Experience John Lennon With The Bermuda Tapes

John Lennon once famously said “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination”, and its possible that this statement could well have been a source of the inspiration for the creation of the ‘Bermuda Tapes’. The ‘Bermuda Tapes’ is an immersive AR and design application that takes the music of John Lennon and pairs it with stunning interactive illustration capturing his journey and memoirs about a trip to Bermuda in the 1960’s. The output is both beautiful and technically marvelous.


Mapping Donations In The Philippines

In a new take on collecting donations – Belgian 12-12 consortium have developed Haiyan2121 to help the victims of the typhoons in the Philippines. The user experience is a clever one because it brings donations to life by tying them to specific geo-locations.  To donate, one simply highlights an area on a map depicting aftermath and devastation, and by adding funds to that areas on the same map a rejuvenated area is revealed, this allows the contributor to get a true sense of where, and what impact the contributions will have.


Sign Language Translation Ring

Sign language is a truly amazing form of communication, but unless you know it yourself you really need a translator to bridge the divide between speaker and listener.  The sign language ring (pictured)employs accelerometer like technology, and 6 rings and a bracelet, which are placed on the signers’ digits and wrist. Together they create a system that translates common signs into spoken language and opens up new opportunities for the deaf or hearing impaired.


4K – Next Generation Video, Brought To You By Porn

The porn industry has done much by way of driving enhancements in lives of Internet users. Perhaps even as much as Tim Berners-Lee did when he devised a system called HTML. Yes, without Porn we’d probably not have amazing HD quality videos of cats or GIF’s for that matter.  ‘4K’ is the next lauded technology leap – it promises video so crystal clear that you should be able to see the fleas on your Siamese or in the world of Porn other remarkable details of importance.

Andrew Reeves – Communications Director at Naked Comms

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