Data Scientists & Customer Managers Top List Of Emerging Jobs In Australia

Data Scientists & Customer Managers Top List Of Emerging Jobs In Australia

In what should comes as little shock to anyone, data scientists are set to be one of the most sort after people for Aussie recruiters.

But, according to LinkedIn’s list of the top five emerging jobs in Australia, it’s customer success managers that will be asking the big bucks due to their scarcity. According to LinkedIn’s data, demand for customer success managers has grown 38 per cent in the past 12 months.

LinkedIn analysed millions of user-input job titles over the last five years and found which ones are increasingly becoming crucial for Australian businesses.

According to the findings, these are the jobs that are in high demand and face a talent shortage:

  1. Customer success manager
  2. Data scientist
  3. Full stack engineer
  4. Cyber security expert
  5. Experience designer

Commenting on the findings, LinkedIn’s senior director, learning and talent solutions, Jason Laufer, said: “It is no surprise that tech roles dominate the top emerging jobs.

“These roles are critical in helping customers use products effectively and reduce customer churn, enabling the business to secure ongoing renewal revenue.

“The top five emerging jobs are all in extremely high demand and when talent is thin on the ground, the ‘perfect candidate’ will be highly discerning and very expensive.

“As the blurring and melding of job titles picks up pace, the key to finding the best people will be to focus on a recruit’s skills over their previous job titles,” he added.

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