Data Fails You Don’t Want To Repeat in 2015

Data Fails You Don’t Want To Repeat in 2015

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Publicis-Omnicom, Sony and eBay top the list of data-related bungles in 2014.

Many have called 2014 the year of the data breach, yet despite a flood of media reports detailing breaches and leaks last year. Here’s what NOT to do in 2015.

Publicis and Omnicom Merger Dies
It was supposed to be a big win for big data. When Publicis Groupe and Omnicom Group announced a $35 billion mega-merger in July of 2013, the firms made a point of telling investors their combined scale would lead to greater efficiencies fueled by their combined pool of data and analytics-based insights. More than nine months later, the holding company behemoths parted ways, announcing the death of the deal.

Sony Pictures Hacked
In November, the film studio became the subject of a hack which has resulted in a stream of data leaks of unreleased film content, executive salary information, embarrassing email exchanges and celebrity contact information. As reported by The New York Times, alleged hackers Guardians of Peace are associated with the North Korean government, which is reportedly offended by an unreleased Sony film called “The Interview” about journalists involved in an assassination plot against North Korea leader Kim Jong-un. In addition to the cancellation of the film’s opening and damage to the Sony brand, the breach could have broader implications for U.S.-North Korea relations.

Ebay User Data Exposed
In May, hackers exposed personal data associated with 145 million users of the auction site, more than double the number of people affected by the Target data breach.

Uber Gets Creepy
Uber has come under fire for underhanded tactics used to defeat the competition and establish loyal clientele in new cities. But its “God View” capability also attracted critics. The option allowed privileged users to track Uber vehicles in a given city. Another more extreme version, reportedly called “Creepy Stalker View,” allowed viewers to watch where specific customers were traveling via the service.

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