Daily Mail Slammed For Body-Shaming Foreign Minister Julie Bishop

Daily Mail Slammed For Body-Shaming Foreign Minister Julie Bishop

The Daily Mail has come under fire for an article it ran yesterday that many believed body-shamed Australia’s foreign minister Julie Bishop.

The article showed pictures of Bishop – a renowned fitness fanatic – jogging while on a trip to Cairns on Monday and suggested the 60-year-old was underweight as she showed of her “very thin frame”. You can read The Daily Mail’s full story here.


“Is Julie Bishop pushing herself too hard? Foreign Minister, 60, shows off her VERY thin frame courtesy of a gruelling lifestyle that includes a daily jogging regime and FOUR hours sleep a night,” The Daily Mail’s headline read.

The article revealed details of a departmental document in 2013 that Bishop’s travel requests included an hour of exercise each morning and that she didn’t drink coffee and preferred sparkling mineral water, but occasionally drank Champagne.

However, Bishop’s office has taken umbrage with The Daily Mail’s reporting hitting back that the minister has no problems with her weight.

News site the New Daily has reported comments from Bishop’s department that said: “The Foreign Minister is an advocate for exercise and healthy diet, and has undertaken her daily exercise regime for many years.

“This allows her to maintain a BMI (body mass index) within the healthy range, while helping cope with demands of travel and long hours of work in Parliament.”

However, not everyone was happy with the Daily Mail’s coverage. University of Technology Sydney digital media lecturer Fiona Andreallo said the coverage “belittles women”.

Queensland University of Technology psychology expert Evonne Miller said articles like the Daily Mail’s were inappropriate.

“I think skinny-shaming and commenting about anybody’s body shape or size when you don’t know the situation is never appropriate and never called on,” she said, her comments reported on the New Daily.

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