Daily Mail Sacks Reporter Who Called Bachie Contestants “Vapid C*nts”

Daily Mail Sacks Reporter Who Called Bachie Contestants “Vapid C*nts”

The Daily Mail has fired the employee who described contestants from The Bachelor as “vapid c*nts” in an online article.

The story was live on the tabloid news site for several hours and floated under the radar of senior staff at the publication until a Twitter user posted a screenshot of the paragraph.

A spokesperson for the Daily Mail issued an apology for the article.

Daily Mail Australia would like to apologise for inappropriate language that appeared on an article published by this site on Sunday morning,” he said.

“The story about Bachelor in Paradise star Florence Alexandra contained offensive wording that should not have been included.”

“As soon as we became aware of the mistake, the wording was removed. The Daily Mail Australia apologises for any offence taken by either our readers or contestants of the show.”

Speaking to The Guardian, another spokesperson from the Daily Mail UK office said: “After an internal investigation, Daily Mail Australia has now terminated the employment of the journalist responsible for the offending words.”

The original article which mainly featured Bachelor contestant Alexandra was titled, “Not a single person has told me I look tired!’ Bachelor In Paradise star Florence Alexandra reveals the VERY unusual cosmetic treatment she uses to combat eye bags.”

Alexandra has also commented on the article.

“That’s not a word I would ever use, even for someone I don’t like,” she said.

“I’m not shallow, or materialistic, which is what the journalist is suggesting.”

According to different news sources, the young reporter was writing the article on Google Word due to errors in Daily Mail’s backend system and has said the salacious paragraph was written for her eyes only.

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  • Wayne Robinson 2 years ago

    The Daily Mail has hung this reporter out to dry to save its own face, if it invested in an editor to sit between young reporters and its website like a proper media company this kind of thing would not happen, she is being made a scapegoat for them trying to run a media organisation on a (frayed) shoestring.

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