Customers Crack Down On Coles Egg Safety

Single white egg with happy faces souronded by blank brown eggs.

Someone at Coles has some eggsplaining to do, after the supermarket giant has been inundated with customer complaints about the way it stores eggs.

People on Twitter and Facebook are concerned that Coles doesn’t store its eggs on refrigerated shelves, which would help stop the spread of salmonella. The salmonella fears are despite the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand stating there is no need to refrigerate hen’s eggs to prevent bacterial growth, as long as they remain intact.

Coles biggest rival Woolworths stores its eggs in the fridge. It is understood dozens of Woolies outlets have had new cabinets installed in the past year, allowing stores to keep fresh eggs chilled below seven degrees, which helps prevent the spread of the harmful salmonella bacteria.

Some people are threatening to boycott Coles stores until there is change in egg storage. Coles released a one line statement to Sydney Morning Herald: “Coles adheres to all health and safety regulations regarding egg storage”.

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