Crater Relaunches With A ‘Preferred Roster’ Line-Up Supporting Directors & Cinematographers

Crater Relaunches With A ‘Preferred Roster’ Line-Up Supporting Directors & Cinematographers

With strong clientele both domestically and internationally, the expanded offering sees a youthful talent list spanning around Australia, UAE, UK and into Europe, allowing clients the ability to have content executed across the globe.

Executive producer Steven Farrer said: “The last five years has seen Crater build strong relationships with a
multitude of crew gaining insight into the talent that extends beyond their select role. As an agency who delivers creative and execution in content production, we saw an opportunity for both our operators and our clients. We wanted to shift the idea stage beyond our core team and open it up to all our rostered Directors and

L-R in photo: Simon Morehead (creative director),  Brooke Morehead  (social and digital manager), 
Steven Farrer  (executive producer), Justin Solomons (commercial director)

With the relaunch, Crater has a creative process with their roster and clients built for a conducive environment. Clients will have the ability to select a Director to use for their project, or the brief is shared across the roster with treatments crafted by those interested. The result giving clients more than one choice of campaign response.

Farrer added: “Speaking to our rostered operators, a challenge they often faced was being typecast to a certain look, style or genre resulting in a block in putting forward execution on campaigns of interest. We want to shift that paradigm, allowing them a chance not otherwise had. With the confidence behind each of our rostered operators to execute the campaigns, we want the idea to attract our clients first before the Directors name.”

The mix of talent bring with them experience in all realms of content from commercial, documentary, social and music. “These are the people we feel best represent the new breed in talent for brands striving to take on a more diverse and fresh way of thinking,” says Crater Creative Director Simon Morehead.

Morehead added: “As a represented Director, I understand how important it is to have the support of an agency behind you. It’s equally as important for Cinematographers. Having worked with numerous over the years it’s evident that they too hold golden ideas. At Crater we want to push our Cinematographers allowing them the opportunity to put forward creative and collaborate with our Directors upon initial campaign briefing.”

“We’re also choosing to call our roster ‘preferred’ as these are the people we want to support and push forward to our clients. It represents a non-ownership or exclusivity allowing them to work with other companies, not just within Crater.”

Along with the roster, Crater sees two official hires in Justin Solomons and Brooke Morehead. Prior to joining Crater, Solomons was in a strategic business and consultative role with London content agency, Wonderhatch.

Commenting on his appointment, Solomons said, “I’m excited to bring creatives and brands together, putting a balanced effort into taking incredible operators to the world and seeing the results for our clients. Having Crater as a base for creatives and launch pad for exceptional content, it was the dream shared seen come to life.”

Coming from a Fashion Communication and Digital Marketing background, with past experience within Gucci, Dion Lee and Maurie and Eve, Brooke Morehead takes on the lead as Social and Digital Manager. Farrer adds: “Brooke will provide Crater enhanced capabilities in executing content around social-centric campaigns making her a valuable addition for our clients.”

The last two years has also seen Crater open its’ doors in the UK which saw the outfit working with leading brands around Europe noting Bet365 UK, New Era, Stryker and Nike as their clientele. Coming off campaign wins with Nuzest, Canteen, Bet365 and Universal Music, Crater looks set to push their presence further in 2021 with their new outfit of rostered talent.

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