Christmas Ads Roasted In Glorious Parody!

Christmas Ads Roasted In Glorious Parody!

When it comes to making a Christmas ad in Australia it’s safe to say there are a few givens: the ubiquitous pavlova, prawns, some cute kids and the family around the dinner table.

Similarly, our British contemporaries – who, it must to be said, are world beaters at the Chrissie TVC – often take the festive cliches to a whole other level in their end-of-year campaigns.

And now UK satirical news show The Mash Report has decided enough is enough of the annual festive ad-a-thon, wonderfully parodying Christmas ads in a skit that aired on UK TV over the weekend.

“Lavish Christmas commercials typically featuring some kind of bear or child with confidence issues,” it proposes, “are so syrupy and cloying that they’re causing viewers to be physically sick.”

Check out the savage skewering below. Although B&T does warn the skit contains somewhat fruity language and some fake vomiting, too.

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