Charlie Hebdo In More Strife, This Time For Italian Earthquake Parody

Charlie Hebdo In More Strife, This Time For Italian Earthquake Parody

You’ve got to give it to French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, it appears nothing is beyond parody.

The magazine, that made global headlines in January 2015 when it was a victim of a terrorist attack that killed 12 of it staff, is now being sued by the Italian village of Amatrice.


Last month, the village was flattened by an earthquake that killed 291 people and left 2500 homeless.

Charlie Hebdo depicted the tragedy as “Earthquake Italian style” and featured a cartoon of the victims – a bloodied man called “Penne, tomato sauce”, a charred woman labelled “Crustes penne” and a collapsed building with dead bodies poking out called “Lasagne”.

The cartoon has caused widespread anger in Italy and has been described as a heartless and distasteful portrayal of the deceased.

The village’s lawyer, Mario Cicchetti, told the Italian news agency: “This is a macabre, senseless and inconceivable insult to victims of a natural event.”

The amount of compensation the village is seeking has not been disclosed.

However, Charlie Hebdo wasn’t quick on any sympathy. It posted on its Facebook page: “Italians, it’s not Charlie Hebdo that builds your homes, it’s the Mafia!”

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