Coke’s Latest ‘Zero Sugar’ Ad Proves A Delightful, Hilarious Romp

Coke’s Latest ‘Zero Sugar’ Ad Proves A Delightful, Hilarious Romp

Coca-Cola in the UK has rebooted an 11-year-old campaign to promote its new Zero Sugar brand, formerly known as Coke Zero.

The ad follows an elderly chap in a retirement home, a Mr Hadley (played by revered British actor Nicolas Coster), who, after taking his first swig of Zero Sugar sets off on a number of “firsts” including phoning an old love, getting a tattoo and attending a gay pride march.

The ad is a homage to Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam’s ‘First Taste’ ad that rolled out way back in 2006 also starring Coster in a similar role. Check out the 2018 version below:

Commenting on the new campaign, Coca-Cola Great Britain’s marketing director, Aedamar Howlett, said: “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is one of the fastest growing brands in our portfolio. This year, to continue our focus on encouraging people to try the drink, which has the same great Coke taste with no calories, we have re-developed a fantastic, heart-warming advert.

“The campaign brings to life the concept of those ‘bucket list’ moments that universally resonate with people. We want to build on the success we have had to date reminding people of what makes it so special,” he said.

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