The Big Bad Wolf Reimagined In Fun Spot For Recruiter

The Big Bad Wolf Reimagined In Fun Spot For Recruiter

Did the tale of the The Three Little pigs and their toothy nemesis the Big Bad Wolf give you the willies as a child? Well, prepare to face your fears once again with this clever reimagining of the famed kid’s tale.

UK Temp job platform Adia has bought back rather human-looking wolves and their porcine enemies in a clever spot that shows the benefits of a team working when blowing down pig’s homes.

The ad’s the work of creative agency Monkey Roar and the makeovers created by Tatata Studios. Get blown away by the wolfy action below:

Commenting on the ad, Monkey Roar’s Adam Rae said: “While our brief was B2B, we’ve always believed that business to business doesn’t have to be bland or boring. We wanted to speak to businesses in a way that doesn’t treat them like mindless sacks of files and spreadsheets – we wanted to tell them a story. There’s loads of boring stuff on LinkedIn – why not give them something fun?”

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