Bridget ‘Bridge’ Brousard Bids Farewell To 92.5 Triple M On The Goldie

Bridget ‘Bridge’ Brousard Bids Farewell To 92.5 Triple M On The Goldie
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Waking up on the Gold Coast will sound different next year. The much-loved Bridget ‘Bridge’ Brousard from the Goldie’s 92.5 Triple M brekkie show has announced that she will be hanging up her microphone at the end of the year.

Brousard announced she will be heading to Flinders Island off the coast of Tassie for a true tree change. She made the announcement today with co-hosts Peter ‘Spida’ Everitt and Sean ‘Flan’ Flanagan, sitting by her side and her Triple M family watching on.

Spida said: “After 20 years plus of breakfast radio, Bridge deserves her well-earned next adventure. I’ve been very lucky to walk into a job where I’ve had someone encourage and help me every step of the way. Bridge is a one of a kind in a very good way.”

Brousard said: “Talking to the Gold Coast every morning for over 15 years and sharing my life with our listeners has been the greatest gift.

“I have had so many life-changing moments with listeners that will stay with me forever. But it’s time to mix things up and moving to Flinders Island is definitely mixing things up!

“My husband and I are heading off the grid, to live on a little piece of paradise where you can see the sunrise and set over the ocean every day. We’ll build a few cabins and see what happens!

“Saying goodbye to Spida and Flan, my family! Will be very, very hard. They have been steadfast in their support, great sparring partners when needed and the two people I will miss the most.”

92.5 Triple M, content director, Corey Kay said: “Bridge has called the Gold Coast home for over 15 years, rousing the city from sleep every weekday morning, and talking listeners through the highest of highs, the toughest of times, the most joyful and exciting of events and all the moments that matter and make this place so special.

“We absolutely support her decision, and everyone at 92.5 Triple M says thank you Bridge – it’s been a privilege to work alongside you. Here’s to sleeping in!”

Brousard will leave 92.5 Triple M on 10th December, when the brekkie show breaks for Christmas. So, how will waking up on the Gold Coast sound next year? Content director Corey Kay said to stay tuned!

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