Boost Juice Reveals Australia’s Best Celebrity Doppelgangers

Boost Juice Reveals Australia’s Best Celebrity Doppelgangers

Boost Juice has unearthed Australia’s ultimate celebrity doppelgangers.

It’s no secret Aussies share a fanfare for all thing’s celebrity, from the golden glitz and glamour of Hollywood to the lifestyles of those known purely for being known (shotgun televised wedding anyone? Trip to the Island of Love?).

Either way, the obsession, and the celeb perks, are real.

Knowing there were regular Aussies out there who deserve the chance to be recognised for their true (albeit celebrity) self – Boost Juice has launched a search for Australia’s ultimate celebrity doppelganger.


Anyone can enter via an online game that matches you with your best celebrity lookalike.

With over 3000 entries so far, this search has sourced some seriously impressive celebrity matches from across the globe.

From the English pop sensation Dua Lipa to America’s first lady Melania Trump, teen heartthrob Justin Bieber to all age heartthrob Jason Mamoa, it turns out Australia has them all.


Joanne Bradley, chief marketing officer at Boost Juice, has been blown away by these Celeb-ish matches.

Bradley said: “We knew there’d be some good Aussie doppelgangers that were just waiting for this moment to claim their fame, but we definitely weren’t expecting these matches to be so spot on.

“Everyone loves a good doppelganger, and this campaign is an easy and innovative way for regular Aussies to find their own and actually capitalise on it.”


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