Big Brands Adopt Cover-More’s New Marketing Tool

Big Brands Adopt Cover-More’s New Marketing Tool

A relatively new piece of marketing technology developed by Aussie travel insurance giant Cover-More which predicts the needs of customers is now being used by dozens of companies around the world.

Impulse is a data-driven marketing solution designed to predict the needs of customers, and suggests relevant products and services.

Its real-time, built-in analytics mean the advertising offering can be adjusted if sales are failing to convert due to the style of marketing.

Impulse (Cover-More)

Diagram: how Impulse basically works.

Impulse deals with 700,000 daily transactions when used with Cover-More, and sells 2.3 million policies each year along with other related travel products.

The technology can operate under and alongside any platform, and has been on-sold globally by Cover-More to dozens of companies including Virgin, Air New Zealand, Malaysia Airlines, Flight Centre, Australia Post, Medibank and Westpac.

Carole Tokody, CEO of Cover-More Inc for North America, Canada and Global Direct, headed up the team who designed Impulse.

“Impulse is an incredible, market-leading piece of tech,” she said.

“Because most of its function is based on data, not opinions or egos, statistically it provides the best results.

“As it operates, Impulse monitors the traction of the marketing campaign in real time. This constant feedback loop means Impulse’s clients know almost immediately if their marketing collateral is converting to sales.

Tokody said Impulse also provides deeper customer insights by capturing more detailed information which allows for greater re-targeting opportunities.

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