How To Beat The Grind – Diet And Lifestyle Tips For Marketers

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If you work in marketing or a related field, then you are probably accustomed to working long hours trying to complete essential tasks or edit something last-minute before a campaign goes live.

Of course, keeping up your fitness and nutrition is essential not only for your health and wellbeing but for ensuring you’re at your creative peak.

A healthy and happy worker is a productive worker. Let’s take a look at some diet and lifestyle tips marketers can use to help beat the grind and ensure they’re operating at their best.

1.     Get a good night’s sleep

If you’re going to stay up late finishing an important work task, then you need to offset that with adequate sleep when you’re in bed at home. The 5 or 6 hours you manage to squeeze in each night isn’t enough, a healthy sleep should ideally be around 7.5 to 8.5 hours of shuteye.

Not all sleep is equal, and it’s possible to get a better rest from 4 hours of deep sleep than it is from 6 hours of broken, light sleep. There are probably plenty of things you are doing that are stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep, like using your phone in bed or falling asleep with the television on.

There’s a whole science around the art of proper sleep and one of it’s revelations is that too much visual light stimulation before bed can make it harder to fall asleep. An hour before bed you should wind down with a cup of tea and read a book rather than have a bright blue light in your face from your phone.

2.     Eat well

Of course, what you eat is essential for fuelling your body for the day’s activities. If you aren’t eating proper, nutritious meals and just relying on takeaway then you’re going to notice a slump in your energy levels and, in turn, your motivation to work at your absolute best level.

Try making some new and exciting that’s going to taste great as well as give you the energy you need to tackle the day’s activities. Make a vegetable stir-fry or a power salad with chickpeas to give yourself a quick but filling dose of essential nutrition.

3.     Cut down/out your vices

Drinking and smoking are never good things to do on a regular basis, or really at all for that matter. While it’s not realistic that you’re going to give up buying booze just from this article, perhaps you could think about your weekend habits and adopt a healthier attitude?

4.     Get organised

If you are running to catch the daily train to work or skipping breakfast every second morning because of a lack of time, then it’s no wonder why you might have lowered energy at work. When you are exhausted and stressed just from the commute to work, it’s going to be hard to apply yourself.

Organising your life, even just a little bit, can make a big difference on your mood. Perhaps all you need to invest in is a simple calendar or notebook to keep your appointments organised or find an alternative route to work that’s less of a hassle.

Hopefully you can use some or all of the above tips to help beat the grind and become your best as a marketing professional.

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