Bauer Bites Back: Rebel Wilson’s Claims “Tenuous” And “Extraordinarily Large”

Bauer Bites Back: Rebel Wilson’s Claims “Tenuous” And “Extraordinarily Large”

The Rebel Wilson-Bauer saga has taken yet another twist with the publisher’s lawyers suggesting there was little evidence that defamatory articles had caused the actor to lose million-dollar Hollywood roles and Wilson’s claim for a $7 million pay out was “extraordinarily large”.

In another fun day in the Victorian Supreme Court yesterday, Wilson’s and Bauer’s lawyers were again fighting it out to see what monies the actor should be paid following her defamation win a week ago.

Wilson is said to be seeking $5.89 million in special damages and $1.2 million in general damages which she has promised to donate to charity, scholarships or the local film industry.

Yesterday, Bauer’s lawyers attempted to argue that Wilson’s reputation may have been damaged by the offending articles but not her earning ability. If they are successful in proving that then Wilson’s payout could be as little as $250,000.

Damages for non-economic losses in defamation cases in Victoria are capped at $389,500.

Bauer’s QC Georgina Schoff told the court yesterday: “You can’t judge reputation and vindication in terms of money.”

Schoff added that Wilson’s claim for a $7 million payout was “extraordinarily large” and made on the “most tenuous of bases”. Schoff added that there was no evidence that showed the articles, from May 2015, had caused Wilson to lose highly paid movie roles nor had the articles appeared in the US.

“(There is) not one scrap of paper which would evidence any connection between these articles and those asserted consequences,” the QC said.

Schoff said Wilson had failed to prove that the “sting in these articles has percolated and come to the attention of people in the United States”.

The hearing continues before the judge John Dixon, who is not expected to make a final decision on the compensation to Wilson for at least another two weeks.

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