Aussies’ Telly Viewing Habits Revealed In Latest Report

Aussies’ Telly Viewing Habits Revealed In Latest Report

OzTAM, Regional TAM and Nielsen has released its latest Australian Multi-Screen Report that reveals the TV viewing habits of Australians from April to June 2015. The report shows viewing behaviour continues to evolve amid the unprecedented choice people have in both the range of available video content and means of accessing it.

Trends evident in earlier editions of the report continued in Q2 2015 and include:

  • The majority of viewing is to broadcast television (free-to-air and subscription channels) watched on in-home TV sets.
  • Overall, Australians spend the bulk of their screen time with their TV sets. Within this total TV screen use mix other screen use is growing, because the TV set can now be used for many purposes.
  • The way people use their TV sets to watch broadcast television continues to change, as live viewing gradually drops and time-shifting continues to increase.
  • Viewing on connected mobile devices is growing: across the population 12 per cent of all video viewing takes place on screens other than the TV.
  • Across all major age groups, Australians spend the majority of their viewing time watching broadcast television on in-home TV sets.


  • Australians watch on average 90 hours and 53 minutes (90:53) of broadcast TV on in-home television sets each month.
  • 91 per cent of all broadcast TV viewing is live (82:42) with nine per cent viewed in playback mode through the TV set within seven days.
  • Playback viewing between 8 and 28 days from original broadcast now accounts for 1.52 per cent of all TV viewing time across the day.
  • 100 per cent of Australian television homes can access digital terrestrial television (DTT) channels. 96 per cent can do so on every working household TV set.
  • 57 per cent of homes have a personal video recorder (56 per cent in the previous quarter); 16 per cent have two or more.
  • 30 per cent of homes have internet-capable TVs, whether connected or not (unchanged on the previous quarter).
  • 47 per cent of homes have tablets (stable on the previous quarter).
  • 75 per cent of Australians aged 16+ own a smartphone (77 per cent in the last quarter).
  • 88 per cent all video viewing – across all screens, and including broadcast and non-broadcast content – is on the traditional TV set.

A copy of the Multi-Screen Report can be found on the OzTAM website

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