Aussie Entrepreneur Reveals How He Made Millions On Social Media

Aussie Entrepreneur Reveals How He Made Millions On Social Media

A new reality-style web video series follows the journey of an Australian entrepreneur who went from being “crap at social media” to making millions of dollars in just a few months using Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

The Social Experiment is a documentary series created by business consultant Kerwin Rae, who at the beginning of 2016 generated almost no content at all for his social media channels, “except for the odd inspirational quote”.

The series follows how Rae turned his company into a content machine across social media, making $2 million through Facebook, $100,000 through Snapchat and $40,000 through Instagram by posting useful videos to help other businesses grow.

Rae said none of the content he pushed out asked for anything at all from consumers, except a request to share or like it.

“The key is to give, give, give, before you ask for anything,” he said.

So, just how did Rae make millions through his content, minus any commercial messages?

“It’s called the mere exposure effect,” he said. “The more exposure a person gets to a brand, the more familiar they become with that brand, the more trust they develop towards the brand, and this leads to a stronger likelihood that they will engage and buy your product.

“Through social channels like Facebook, I can see who is consuming this content, and I can put large amounts of new and valuable material in front of the same audience again and again. Only then, after I know they have a familiarity with my brand, do I serve them a promotional message, asking them to register for a free event or download something, which leads to a sales conversation.”

Watch the trailer of The Social Experiment here.

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