Audi Ad Furore As Bride Compared To Buying A Used Car

Audi Ad Furore As Bride Compared To Buying A Used Car

German car brand Audi has gone straight into damage control after a Chinese ad for its new AG model compared a bride to a used car.

The ad shows a mother-in-law examining her son’s bride as the young couple wait at the altar to be married, an attempted dig at the common stereotype of fussy Chinese parents.

The mother gives the bride a thorough going over before walking off presumably giving her approval. She then glances back at the bride’s breasts and the anxious bride quickly covers her chest area with her hands.

The ad then cuts away to footage of a red Audi AG and a voiceover declares: “An important decision must be made carefully.”

Check out the ad below:

Audi said it deeply regretted the advert and that it had been withdrawn. In a statement the car marker said the perception created by the advert “does not correspond to the values of our company in any way,” adding it was launching an investigation into how the ad ever appeared in the first place.

However, aggrieved Chinese consumers have taken to social media to vent their fury at the ad. “This is really low taste. Isn’t this like what people do when trading cattle?” one person raged.

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