Atomic 212 Turns Off Its Internal Emails

Atomic 212 Turns Off Its Internal Emails

Australia’s fastest growing media agency Atomic 212 will shut down all internal email communications permanently. It is a new initiative to boost office vibes and shift its dynamics, getting people to “speak first”.

Jason Dooris, CEO of Atomic 212 believes that emails are no longer an efficient tool for the workplace. More often than not, it encourages people to deflect their responsibilities onto others. Not to mention the tone of messages can be easily misinterpreted, creating bad morale among staff.

Jason Dooris

The initiative is also designed to give employees their other (non-working, social) lives back. Emails keep staff constantly linked to the office, whether they are out at lunch, on a walk or even sleeping. Without emails they can rest easy knowing work stays with work. Happy staff makes for a happier work space. 

It will be a huge change for staff, Atomic 212 is the largest independent Australian full service media agency, but Dooris believes it is going to work wonders: “This is one of the most exciting things we have done in our business.”

“In the early days of my working career the office was a-buzz with conversation and people on the phone. There was an energy that made working really different and interesting every day. I think emails are the reason that that energy has disappeared.”

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