Apple Loses Trademark Stoush Against Swatch

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A nasty legal battle between Apple and Swiss watchmaker Swatch has come to a close, after UK judge ruled Apple did not own Steve Jobs’ famous “one more thing” catchphrase.

Throughout his many presentations, Jobs would frequently say “one more thing” before unveiling a surprise new product or innovation.

The phrase was used so frequently that it became an unofficial slogan of sorts for Jobs and Apple.

But following Jobs’ death in 2011, Swatch moved to trademark the phrase in the UK – something which Apple has opposed and taken to court.

Previously, the court had ruled in favour of Apple, claiming: “Swatch’s intentions had stepped over the line between the appropriate and inappropriate use of a trade mark”.

However, a judge this week ruled that while the trade mark might be an attempt from Swatch to “annoy” Apple, it was not illegal.

The judge also declared that the phrase was not used exclusively by Jobs, as it had previously appeared in fictional detective’s television show Columbo.

It is not the first time Apple and Swatch have come to heads over trade marks.

Previously, Apple was unable to name its watch product the ‘iWatch’ as it was deemed too similar to the ‘iSwatch’. This ultimately gave birth to the ‘Apple Watch’ – which differed from previous Apple products such as the ‘iPhone’, ‘iPad’ and ‘iPod’.

Later, tensions increased when Swatch created a new tagline ‘Tick Different’ – which was a clear reference to Apple’s famous ‘Think Different’.



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