Alan Jones Denies Accusations Of Bullying Over Opera House Ad Debate

Alan Jones Denies Accusations Of Bullying Over Opera House Ad Debate

Shock jock radio presenter Alan Jones has fiercely denied he was bullying a female guest during an interview on Friday.

During the interview, Jones demanded Opera House chief Louise Herron, “hand in her resignation today”.

Herron had been tapped for a segment on the ongoing Opera House/The Everest race advertising debate, and Jones did not hold back on his criticism of her.

Slamming Herron’s offer to display the competing horses’ colours, Jones said: “People will be saying ‘who the hell do you think you are, you don’t own the opera house we own the opera house’.”

“You don’t have a right to fence it off… if this can’t be approved you should be sacked because you don’t own the Opera House.

Finishing with: “Louise I’m sorry I think you’re out of your depth here, completely out of your depth you should put your resignation on the table today… if you can’t come to the party Louise you should lose your job, you are not the owner of the Opera House.”

Many have accused Jones of bullying Herron during the interview, claiming he spoke down to her in comparison to his treatment of fellow interviewee Peter V’landys; the man behind the advertising push.

Now, Jones has responded to the accusations and refuted claims of sexism, citing his treatment of male guests on the show.

“I have been tough on plenty of people on this program in the past, Paul Keating, John Howard, the list is endless,” he said.

He added: “If the interview had of been with Bob the Builder, no one would have bothered. But presumably, Louise Herron must get different treatment because she’s a woman.

Jones went on to say men and women are treated equally on the show, pinning his rage down to the complexity of the issue.

“It was tough stuff on a tough issue. Men and women are treated equally on this program. I thought that was the kind of equality people like you seek.”

B&T  has contacted Macquarie Media for comment.

Listen to the interview here.

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