Advvy Launches New Briefing And Communication Platform For Media Industry

Advvy Launches New Briefing And Communication Platform For Media Industry

With the promise of full electronic trading of traditional media still a while away, and ‘programmatic’ being the biggest buzzword of our time trying to find relevance in the traditional media industry, Advvy is launching its first product that lays the foundation to realise the full potential of the connected future – Advvy Unibrief – a global briefing and communication platform for the media industry.

Advvy Unibrief is more than just a briefing tool; it’s a platform that will power a media agency’s workday. It creates a new way for buyers and sellers to communicate with each other and it begins to solve the biggest problem in the media industry – the manual processes at every step, and the futile rekeying of data.

“A media agency is plagued with processes like copying and pasting between spreadsheets and re-entering data into systems,” said Tristan Ozinga, cofounder of Advvy.

“Not to mention there’s no easy way to collaborate on campaigns, and how many times do emails go missing? The industry needs to look at automating its workflow before it can adopt full programmatic trading of all media.

“It’s simply learning to walk before we can run. With Advvy Unibrief, we will save a media buying and planning team around 40 per cent of their time by automating their workflow.”

Advvy builds cloud based workflow automation software for the media industry. The vision is to revolutionise the way all media, both traditional and digital, is bought and sold.

The mission is to provide a platform that’s media and software agnostic, and will make the seamless transfer of data from booking to billing possible, across all mediums.

Advvy is launching its first release of Unibrief May 19 2016, and is currently accepting expressions of interest from media agencies.

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