Adshel: Rail Commuters The Most Engaged Audience In Sydney

Adshel: Rail Commuters The Most Engaged Audience In Sydney

Interactive digital advertising makes Sydney rail travellers’ dull commute “more enjoyable” according to research released this week.

The 5th Screen, Captivating Sydney is based on two studies as well as ‘A Day in the Life’ ethnography research, incorporating 3,800 regular Sydney Trains commuters. The study uncovers the premium and receptive nature of the audience but also their ‘mind and mood’ throughout the day.

Conducted in the lead up to the launch of Adshel’s 120-screen digital network, the study indicates Sydney’s train passengers are a hard-working, affluent and connected audience, primarily aged 18 to 39. It also reveals train stations provide the most engaging space for advertising when ranked against other outdoor formats – chiefly by affording people time to think about the product advertised.

One in three Sydney-siders use the trains, generating over 1 million commuter journeys every day, with the study highlighting changes in mindset as the day progresses. Work, finances and family dominate the audience’s thoughts in the morning, while dinner, entertainment/TV and holidays fill their minds on the way home. With 16.3 million gross contacts per week (P14+), Adshel’s Digital Network is a prime touch-point with this vast and changeable audience base.

With 34% of the audience seeing themselves as experts in new technology it was not surprising to find that:

  • 63% tend to notice digital outdoor advertising
  • 43% like the idea of interacting with a digital screen
  • 39% feel downloading content on their smartphones makes their trip more enjoyable
  • 44% would be interested in playing a game or listening to music directly from an advertising screen

Nicole McInnes, Adshel’s chief marketing & product officer said: “This research reveals that Sydney rail commuters not only welcome advertising during their commute but are keen to get engaged and “play” with screens, especially if it involves their smartphone and an easy ability to share an innovative experience with their social network. Knowing what commuters want and what they’re thinking means we can use our day-parting and creative change-out features to ensure relevance and convenience, as well as deliver revolutionary interactive experiences.

“It is great to have the confirmation from our audience that the Adshel digital network in Sydney trains offers exactly what they want, when they want and gives them an opportunity to experience advertising on their terms,” she added.

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