Ads On Boobs! Yes, It’s A New Low!

Ads On Boobs! Yes, It’s A New Low!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for brands sexualising women’s bodies, Tittygram has been launched and all reports are that business is bouncing along nicely.

The Russian website, Tittygram gives brands the chance to have a 35-character message scribbled on some woman’s breasts. All for the cheap price of $9.95!

Some of the brands who have jumped on the booby-bandwagon included Burger King Russia and a Moscow Law Firm. The Burger King message was “I Love Burger King” and law film Family Case wrote: “Divorce lawyer” followed by its website. Classy stuff.



According to The Moscow Times, Tittygram CEO Vladimir Gritsenko proved so popular that staff are working 24 hours a day and over 2,000 photos have been sent out already.

The company claims that they donate 2 per cent of their proceeds to a Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Which makes it all okay.

Tittygram. Our boobs. Your message. Our misogny.

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