Adobe To Make Photoshopping For Audio A Reality

Adobe To Make Photoshopping For Audio A Reality

Technology that photoshops voice-overs, imitates art and transforms images into vectors are just some of the latest projects Adobe revealed it is working on at its recent MAX Sneaks session in San Diego.

Co-hosted by US comedian and TV personality Jordan Peele and Adobe’s community engagement manager, Kim Chambers, the session invited Adobe’s engineers onto the stage to show off how they’ve been spending their time in the lab.

Perhaps the most amazing innovation revealed by Adobe is a piece of tech that photoshops voice-overs, which it affectionately refers to as #VoCo. Basically, it allows you to change words in a voice-over simply by typing new words.

Here are some of the other experimental technologies that Adobe is developing:


This new feature allows you to transfer your personal artistic style from paper to screen, making your digital art appear like it was coloured by hand.


According to Adobe, you can’t edit 360-degree video while immersed in 360-degree video, so the current process for editing VR footage is tedious and clumsy, requiring ad-hoc workflows and desktop plugins,

Apparently #CloverVR tries to solve this problem by providing editors dedicated tools to view and edit directly in VR.


Have you ever struggled to find images that match the theme of your layout? Well, #ColorChameleon allows you to quickly and easily match the colours in a collection of images to the colour palette of your design template.


This new tech is supposed to help video editors and motion designers sync a key moment in a video to the perfect moment in a song.


According to Adobe, LoopWelder turns videos into perfect loops that you can use to create engaging content.


Searching for a stock image of a woman with a dog is easy, but what if you want to search for an image of a woman standing to the left of a dog? That’s where #ConceptCanvas comes in, providing a novel way of finding images based on spatial relationships.


Do you find that the process of transforming an image into a vector is time consuming and tedious? Well, you won’t be once #InterVector comes onto to the market.


Digital painting just can’t replicate the experience of painting with oils and a brush – or can it? This new piece of tech simulates the texture, properties and appearance of oil painting in 3D.


With #QuickLayout, you can quickly and easily add or remove elements from your completed design without messing up your layout.


Have you ever taken an awesome vacation selfie but wished you could change the sky to be as amazing as the foreground? Well, now you can with #SkyReplace.

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