Adelaide Fashion Fest Gets Fashionable With New Brand

Adelaide Fashion Fest Gets Fashionable With New Brand

Adelaide based design agency Cul-de-Sac was appointed by Events South Australia to produce the brand identity for the newly launched Adelaide Fashion Festival in October 2015.

At the helm of this award winning boutique design studio and production house is creative director Marco Cicchiani and style director Deni Jones.

Underpinning their work for this brief was the knowledge that the festival had to be part of an integral to strategy of making the state’s economy more international, with a particular focus on Asia.

Therefore it was mandatory that the branding needed to further endorse the positioning of South Australia as a hub for design, culture and innovation that included, but also extended beyond fashion.

Cicchiani said,  “Cul-de-Sac was approached to create a new stand-out festival identity, accompanied by a visual theme that firmly connected with a fashion conscience audience.”

“The branding needed to be commercial yet creative; business-driven yet party fueled,” continued Jones. “It also needed to project an exclusive world-class feel, yet had to be appealing enough to be inclusive and open to the general audience.”

cul de sac4 cul de sac 3

The brand identity highlights the festival’s commitment to nurturing talent, union, projection, and creative dialogue in the fashion and design community.

As evident in the resulting creative, this was achieved with fashionably seamless style.

cul de sac2

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