“Abomination Against God!” Burger King Confirms Its 20 Cheese Slice Burger Is “Not A Joke”

“Abomination Against God!” Burger King Confirms Its 20 Cheese Slice Burger Is “Not A Joke”

Are you a cheese lover? Particularly that plastic, American, bright yellow stuff they whack on fast food hamburgers? Well, has Burger King got just the burger for you – a newly branded cheeseburger that contains a whopping 20 slices of the artery clogging stuff.

Called The Real Cheeseburger, the stunt is the work of Burger King Thailand and is actually available to buy in restaurants for 109 baht ($A4.60).

That’s right, 20 slices of cheese slammed between two buns. No meat, no sauce, no nothing.

A spokesperson for Burger King Thailand even took to social media to allay fears the whole thing was some kind of bad prank.

“This is no joke. This is for real,” the chain posted on launch day.

Apparently, Thai people love cheese (despite having an enviable cuisine of their own.)

As Thai travel guide writer Richard Barrow said: “A trend in Thailand is to put cheese on literally everything,” he tweeted earlier this week. “Now Burger King has joined in with the Real Cheese Burger.”

Given the insane amount of cheese, it’s no surprise the concept soon went viral on social media as people rushed to give the heart-clogging burger a go for themselves.


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♬ หัวใจปลาดาว Feat. F.HERO – Bonnadol

While others were less certain they’d want to take a bite of the cheesy monster.

One person noted: “Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?”

“Twenty slices of American cheese I think if you order this you become a paranormal creature,” another person said.

“Wake up babe, a new abomination against God just dropped,” penned another.

While another added: “Death sentence for lactose MFS.”

Meanwhile others argued in the absence of an actual hamburger pattie, it should be classified as a cheese toastie and not a hamburger.

“So does this make it a grilled cheese?” one person asked.

Another added: “Well now… that isn’t a burger, is it? Grilled cheese on a bun.”





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