#ZeroTrollerance pulls in celebrities

#ZeroTrollerance pulls in celebrities

2Day FM host Jules Lund has joined forces with celebrities Ricky Martin, Lily Allen, Shane Warne and Samantha Jade to spread the word and awareness about the zero tolerance for online bullying and trolling.

Lund had launched the campaign #zeortrollerance recently and will be interviewing a number of people involved, such as victims and trolls themselves.

See the full release below.

"2Day FM Breakfast host and anti-bullying advocate Jules Lund united with celebrities Ricky Martin, Lily Allen, Shane Warne and Samantha Jade to spread the #ZeroTrollerance message in a special show on the Today Network last night.

Jules, who recently launched his #ZeroTrollerance campaign, was heard from 10-11pm (EST) across the country in a one-hour program which highlighted the adverse effects of online bullying and trolling. 

In addition to interviewing a line-up of personalities, Jules also spoke to the culprits – trolls both current and reformed – in an effort to shed light on what drives them.

#ZeroTrollerance encourages people to remove power from abusive social media users by immediately blocking them. Jules has been calling on all social media users to take a stand against trolls and believes that, like any form of bullying, the power lies with the bystander. Learn more about the campaign from Jules himself here.

2Day FM Breakfast host Jules Lund said, “Unfortunately many people make the mistake of trying to win the trolls over, or worse yet, engage in a heated battle of words.”

“We’ve learnt that giving attention to trolls in any way only gives them power, and our message is to take joy in blocking.”

“By supporting #ZeroTrollerance, we’re saying that we will no longer stand by, but stand up.”

Jules has used the power of radio and social media to spread the #ZeroTrollerance message in an effort to silence cyber bullies and trolls."

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